Remotely control one on-board relay, and up to four additional external relays, using an USB interface.

YKUP Yepkit USB Upstream Switch
Switch USB hosts for a USB device by pressing a push-button or with a digital signal.
YKUSH Yepkit USB Switchable Hub
Switchable USB hub to control the power ON and OFF of the USB devices connected to each of the three downstream ports.
YKUSH 3 Yepkit USB 3.1 Switchable Hub
USB 3.1 Gen 1 switchable and programmable hub, with both power and data-lines switching on each downstream port, providing higher control over USB devices. Look into the product page and check all the new features.
YKUSH XS Yepkit USB Switchable Hub XS
Single port switchable USB hub for connecting/disconnecting USB devices.
YKUR Yepkit USB Relay Board
USB controllable relay board allowing the control of one on-board relay and up to four additional external relays.
YKRUD2 Yepkit RasPi Up/Down Controller
Smart power switch that switches the Raspberry Pi ON/OFF just by pressing a push button. The power-off is performed safely first by halting and shutting down the operating system followed by the actual power cut-off.
YKAMELEAN24 Yepkit Microcontroller Development Board
Microcontroller development board based on the PIC24FJ128GB202, including a bootloader, USB interface, open source control software and comprehensive documentation.
YKEMB Yepkit EEPROM Memory Board
512 kb EEPROM memory board aimed at providing data storage for microcontroller systems through I2C interface.
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