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Yepkit USB 3.1 Switchable Hub
Switch your very high speed USB devices remotely from software with YKUSH 3

YKUSH 3 is a three downstream port USB 3.1 Gen 1 switchable hub, where the downstream ports can be individually switch ON/OFF. The switching is controlled by software from the host system (typically a PC to which the YKUSH 3 is connected). The ykushcmd application, available for download, can be used to control the YKUSH 3 board.

When a downstream is switched OFF, both the port power (VBUS) and all the data-lines (both the USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 data-lines) are switched OFF, effectively disconnecting the port.

The YKUSH 3 hub is compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 ports with 5Gbps, 480Mbps, 12Mbps and 1.5Mbps operation. The support of very high data rates makes it suitable to data intensive applications (e.g., storage solutions) and for streaming and real time data solutions.

In addition to the three downstream ports the YKUSH 3 also has a switchable 5V power output port, which is controlled by software similarly to the downstream ports.

YKUSH 3 has two power input modes, Bus-Powered (sources the power from the host USB port) and Self-Powered (sources the power from an external 5V power supply). The selection between the two modes is done using a jumper. Refer to the YKUSH 3 documentation for details and recommendations regarding the powering of the board.

To allow the user to keep their YKUSH 3 boards up-to-date with the latest firmware and functionalities, the boards have a bootloader which allows easy firmware update through the USB interface and a software in the Host side. Both the latest stable release of the firmware and the software to load it are available for download bellow in the Documents and Resources section.

Run-time configuration mechanism is a feature available to the user to customize the board behavior to it's needs. This feature provides the ability to the user of changing several configuration parameters which define the behavior of the board. These parameters are stored in non-volatile memory making the configuration persistent to power-on/off cycles of the board. One example of the application of this feature is the following. The boards are shipped with a default configuration making all downstream ports ON at power-on, but for some applications it may be preferable for the downstream ports to be maintained OFF at power-on and only turn ON when the user commands it to switch ON, or the user may want the last switching state to be maintained independently of the board being powered off/on. This can be easily configured by the user, setting the configuration parameters that rule the default state of the downstream ports (the available states are ON, OFF and PERSISTENT), and the configuration can be distinct between the downstream ports.

Use Case Illustration

Technical Specifications


Data storage systems. USB devices remote switching. Prevent unauthorized remote access to USB devices without physically unplugging the devices. Other applications with USB connectivity.

Key Features

  • Three USB 3.1 very high speed switchable downstream ports
  • Downstream ports with 5Gbps, 480Mbps, 12Mbps and 1.5Mbps operation modes
  • Host control and command host application (uses the same software than other YKUSH family boards)
  • Two power input modes, Bus-Powered and Self-Powered, selectable by on-board jumper
  • VBUS and data-lines switching on all downstream ports
  • MCU peripherals breakouts for SPI, SMBus and UART interfaces
  • Switch 5V output controllable from the host software similarly to the downstream ports control
  • Three GPIOs controllable from the host application
  • Bootloader for easy firmware update through USB
  • Board configuration parameters configurable through USB

Key Benefits

  • Easy remote switching of USB devices
  • Supports very high data transfer speeds
  • User friendly firmware update functionality, through USB, allowing the user to keep the board upgraded with the latests developments and functionalities without the need to specific microcontroller programmer
  • Integral downstream switching effectively disconnecting/connecting both the VBUS and all data-lines in each of the downstream ports
  • Switched 5V power output allowing the power control of non-USB devices
  • Several MCU interfaces breakout allowing the user development of alternative or complementary control interfaces
  • Both Bus-Powered and Self-Powered power input modes support increasing the board operation flexibility and ease of use/integration
  • Shares the same control application software to the other YKUSH family boards facilitating it's use in solutions that use different YKUSH boards models
  • Configuration parameters programmable through USB provides a high degree of customization to the user specific needs

Documents and Resources

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