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Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide using one of the several shipping options we make available. Check the options in the Shipping & Returns page.

What are the shipment costs?

The shipping and handling costs vary depending on the shipment option selected by the customer during the order checkout process and on the composition of the order. To get the actual shipment cost for an order the customer can follow the checkout process for the items in the cart and check the value that will be presented for the shipment.

What shipping methods you have available?

The shipping methods and options currently available are listed and detailed in the Shipping & Returns page.

What about customs fees?

Customs fees, as any other fee charged by the destination Country is exclusively supported by the customer. The customer must be prepared to pay customs fees if applied at the destination for Countries outside the European Community.


Can I add out-of-stock items to my order?

Yes you can, but keep in mind that it may take a little longer to ship your order.

Do you accept product returns?

We accept returns for cases that comply with the requirements detailed in the Shipping & Returns page.

Can I modify an order?

Only the shipment details of an order that has not been shipped can be changed. If you want to cancel an order that has not been shipped yet please use the contact form to reach us so that we can check if it is still possible to cancel the order.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently we accept credit card and paypal payments.


How can I get support?

Our main customer support channel for technical issues is the contact form in the Support page. For support about non-technical issues use the contact form in the Contact page.

What should I do if the product I ordered does not work?

Contact our technical support using the form in the Support page.

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