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Yepkit USB Relay
USB controlled relay board with one on-board relay and four external relay driver ports.

YKUR is an USB controllable relay board. It provides one on-board relay and four additional ports to drive the coils of external relays.

The board implements a HID USB device to which an application, in the host USB (e.g., an application running in a PC), can send control commands to switch on and off the on-board relay and the external relay driver ports.

The on-board relay can switch voltages up to 277VAC and 30VDC being rated for current up to 10A. The four external relay driver ports can each support current up to 360mA at 5V, but the total board current is limited to 500mA.

We make available the source code of a fully functional control utility which can be used as-is for controlling the on-board relay and external relays driver ports. The source code can be used as a reference example for a user development or integration in custom applications.

Technical Specifications


Target applications include the remote automatic control of connecting and disconnecting electrical signals and devices.

Key Features

  • USB bus powered or externally powered using a 5VDC power supply.
  • One on-board relay which can switch voltages up to 277VAC and 30VDC supporting currents up to 10A.
  • Four ports for driving the control coils of external relays.
  • Individual control of the on-board relay and each of the four external relay driver ports.

Key Benefits

  • Four external relay driver ports in addition to the on-board relay provides scalability.
  • Ready-to-use fully functional utility source code is available to download.
  • Small footprint facilitates the integration into space constrained project cases.
  • Dual powering mode (bus powered or external powered) increases flexibility.
  • Simple and documented control protocol facilitates custom development and integration into user own software.

Documents and Resources

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YKUR Yepkit USB Relay

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