Yepkit USB Switchable Hub XS
Switch a USB device ON/OFF remotely from software using YKUSH XS.

YKUSH XS is a single downstream port USB hub which can be commanded to switch ON/OFF the downstream port, effectively disconnecting/connecting the USB device connected to the YKUSH XS.

The control commands are issued from the USB host, typically a PC to which the YKUSH XS is connected.

We provide an open source control software which can be used out of the box to control the YKUSH XS. This software can also be used as a reference or starting point for integration into other applications or custom developments.

Use Case Illustration

Technical Specifications


USB devices remote switching. Prevent unauthorized remote access to USB devices without physically unplugging the devices. Other applications with USB connectivity.

Key Features

  • One USB 2.0 high speed switchable downstream port
  • Bus powered board
  • VBUS and data lines switching

Key Benefits

  • Easy remote control of the USB power
  • Full switching of both power and data lines
  • Small footprint for space constrained applications

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YKUSH XS Yepkit USB Switchable Hub XS

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