Yepkit Microcontroller Development Board
Microcontroller development board based on Microchip PIC24FJ128GB202 16 bit MCU, with bootloader and USB interface.

YKAMELEAN24 is a microcontroller development board, based on the PIC24FJ128GB202 16 bit MCU chip, designed for ease of use and to serve as an accelerator tool on rapid system prototyping.

By leveraging on the USB interface, and the open source host control application, users control functionalities of a microcontroller from the command line of the PC out-of-the-box without needing any programming. This effectively provides to a typical computer the peripheral, interface and control capabilities of feature rich microcontroller.

An example of a simple yet useful functionality is the capability to control each of the digital I/O pins of the board from the PC through USB. In this example, if the user wants to switch High an I/O pin, for instance the RB14 pin, the following command can be issued in the command line.

ykam24cmd gpio -w RB14 1

On the other hand, if the user wants to switch that same pin to Low the following command can be issued.

ykam24cmd gpio -w RB14 0

To read that pin as a digital input, the following command can be issued.

ykam24cmd gpio -r RB14

This is possible because the boards are preloaded with a firmware, which implements an USB control interface.

While we provide this software and firmware, the user is not limited to them and can develop completely new ones or just alter ours which are open source. By using our open source firmware and host application as a starting point, the user can get a jump start on development saving time and effort.

Also, by using our bootloader, programming new firmwares into YKAMELEAN24 becomes easy, just connect the board to your PC through USB and use the Yepkit USB Bootloader application to import the firmware image and load it into the board. No need for specialized programmers.

Technical Specifications


Rapid development of control systems. Prototype development and DIY projects. Embed systems and robotics.

Key Features

  • Bootloader for user programming using USB instead of specialized programmers
  • Feature rich microcontroller board
  • Small footprint with relative high count of I/O pins
  • USB bus powered or external supply powered modes
  • OTG USB support
  • 10/12 bit 12 channels ADC
  • I2C peripherals
  • UART peripherals
  • SPI peripherals

For a complete listing and reference of the MCU please refer to the PIC24FJ128GB202 datasheet available for download in the resource section bellow.

Key Benefits

  • Project development accelerator
  • Controllable by USB
  • Programmable by USB
  • Open hardware and software
  • Documentation available
  • Scope of continuous development in terms of software, firmware and add-on boards to make available new functionalities to the user

Documents and Resources

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YKAMELEAN24 Yepkit Microcontroller Development Board

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